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Player: United  abbyknotChessHere Gold Member Subject: Slow speed response at Chesshere

2019-09-06 01:28:05
"neverherebefore" is helping me test the site for
various problems like:

- freezing games
- slow speeds
and much more

So far we have not duplicated a "freezing game", but we certainly discovered what will cause serious slow downs,

You CANNOT play blitz chess in the RTC area if you have other windows open. The MORE windows you have open the SLOWER response time you will see at Chesshere!

So, if you are having problems with slow responses at Chesshere, remember to CLOSE all the other windows you have open before you start playing blitz.

Another very important fact is that most computer users have 30 - 60 SPYWARE programs running in the background at the same time you are trying to play chess!

I recommend that ALL PLAYERS close unnecessary windows before playing blitz chess AND you need to CLEAN your computer of all those SPYWARE programs!

You can go to the HOME website and d/l the FREE version of SuperAntiSpyware. Run it and get rid of all that stuff which is dragging down your computer!

Just do a Google search for 'SuperAntiSpyware and make sure you only go to the HOME PAGE. 3rd party vendors have hacked the SuperAntiSpyware program so that it sends your personal information to them.

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