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Player: United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator Subject: Teams recovering and looking for new members

2020-03-17 22:00:58
If you are the captain of a team please post here that your team is recovering and that you are taking in new members

If you are currently in a team who has lost their captain please send me a personal message with the information of the team you are in and I will contact all the members of your team to designate a new team captain.

We need our members to give us this information so that we can bring the teams back. We are currently waving the need for any member to be a premium member to take over an existing team, but you can not start a brand new team if you are not a premium member.

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1United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator2020-03-24 06:54:23
dbrunner has been promoted to the team captain of the Masterminds.

I believe he has something to say in the next post.

2United  dbrunnerChessHere Gold Member2020-03-24 21:36:15
i am the new captain for the masterminds and we are currently seeking players for our team, if interested please apply by going to chess teams and clicking on masterminds


3United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator2020-03-25 03:06:22
Thank you captain.
As chesshere recovers under their new management we need to get the teams going again.

I highly recommend joining dbrunner's team. You can do it many ways... You can enter the name 'dbrunner' in the search option and once you see his stats click on his team (Mastermind). Then apply to join.

OR you could find the team Mastermind doing a team search and apply that way.

Please do not attempt to join my own team (The Professionals) as I have closed it to new entries).

My job is to help other team captains get their teams going again... So please post in this forum if you are a team captain and want new members to join tour team!