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Player: Belgium  viermaaldomi Subject: go

2006-11-16 12:16:46
I started playing go a couple of years ago and find this game at least as interesting and beautiful as chess. I was wondering how many of you (if any) also play go and what you guys think of go.-
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1United  Ishmael2006-11-17 02:43:27
I played against a computer for a while, for lack of human opponents. Unfortunately it was terrible at recognising strategies that would be utterly transparent to a person so I could beat it too easily to be fun.
Do you know anywhere to play go online?

2Australia  salty19912006-11-17 03:25:35
You can play go at Unfortunately, very few play it, at most I've seen 11. As for me, I can't seem to play Go and Chess at the same time, so Chess it is.-

3United  Ishmael2006-11-17 04:44:23
For some reason flyordie doesn't work for me here. Is there anywhere else?-

4Australia  salty19912006-11-17 05:29:46
There's Yahoo! Go(realtime):
You have to sign in with a Yahoo Account or get a Free one.
For correspondence there's
If you want real-time servers there's
It requires a client, also downloadable from the website and you cannot use a free E-mail address like Yahoo! to join.

Hope that helps

5International  Szandra2006-11-17 10:05:07

6Belgium  viermaaldomi2006-11-17 10:24:30
I play go at the kiseido site ( It's a free real-time server. You always find someone of your strength to play there (except if you're a complete beginner).-

7United  blake786132006-11-18 17:30:25 is a good go site.-

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