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Player: United  slush Subject: Looking for good opponents

2006-11-19 23:35:21
I would like challenges from 1600 and over for rated games anyone interested send me a challenge-
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1Germany  fumir2006-11-20 10:52:37
just start your own games (left panel) and set the limit to 1600 ! :-)


look at the online player list (left panel) and select "players whom I can challenge" on the top of page. then send a challenge to interesting players.

as you are new, perhaps some players don't want to decrease their ELO while playing against a possibly very good player with low ELO rating !

So start with players with low ELO and show what you can, before you challenge better players :-)

2United  mattias252006-11-20 22:08:10
Good advice fumir has. When people see your wins they want a piece of you.-