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61Hungary  2008Cortactionv9621400541801452621100060170140.52019-08-22 00:00:00
62Croatia  baxter8292314371157813297448112377950149385360257.02019-07-16 07:51:29
63Israel  tidiChessHere Gold Member8871361238731417260060626918622389997368252177.02019-08-21 17:55:02
64Germany  Brave_KnightChessHere Gold Member8371400221603817620006079028.52019-07-13 20:34:32
65Poland  czarny722135666474143500404055150118.52019-05-14 01:26:18
66Ukraine  vasyl_puzanov716160528253822659542810065980153.02019-07-15 12:00:20
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