ChessHere.com Rules

User Name
When selecting a user name, please avoid offensive words.

Multiple Accounts
It is not allowed for one person to have more than one account at the same time at ChessHere.com. If two persons use the same computer one of them has be a premium member and they should not play each other. Otherwise, their accounts will be suspended.

Forum Posts
Everyone can post in the Chess Forums, but if their is a thread with the same subject as what you want to post then please post it in that thread. Creating multiple threads with the same subject makes for a messy looking forum and it makes it difficult for members to find what they want. Note that only premium members can create a new topic.

Personal Attacks
You are not allowed to make personal attacks against other members of Chesshere in public forums.  If you do so you will be given a forum ban. If you have a complaint against a member you can send these 3 items to an administrator:
1) Players name
2) Explain your complaint
3) If the complaint involves a game you must include a link to that game.
Note: If you have a complaint about any administrator do not send a message to another admin. Send your complaint to 'Contact Us' and scroll down and use 'webmaster'.

Chess Computer Programs
You are allowed to use a computer Database for the Opening of your game, but once the Database Opening ends you are not allowed to use a chess program to suggest moves in your game.

Placing Ads to Other Chess Sites and/or Businesses
It is illegal to place an ad for any other chess site anywhere visible by the public. This is also true of a business product. The only exception to this rule is if a person posts an address where a program may be downloaded for free in order to help another person with computer problems (such as Firefox or SuperAntiSpyware).

Rating Manipulation
Rating manipulation of any kind is forbidden and once evidence has been shown that a person has thrown games he/she will be removed from the site and their login name will appear in a public list in the Chess Forums. 
If you break one of these rules your account will either receive a ban or you could be suspended permanently.



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