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Daniele Lancini
Silver member

I approached this site only 2 months ago. Chesshere players from all countries and while playing you can meet very intresting people. You can choose different options on your board such as board and pieces styles or size. Challanging other players is simple and, very important thing, you always find people connected at every time of day and night. The site management is good with constant presence of admins and moderators not allowing offensive ways of acting. I advise joining this site.

Lucia Tesolin
Gold member

Chesshere is the chess online website I like most. Improving your skills on chesshere is easy because you meet very different players with very different styles. Actually it is a very international site and players are from all over the world. Graphics are very good in my opinion, sober and clear. I really think this is one of the best chess sites in the world. Actually chess game is at the center of the attention of everybody: in other words, few chat, very much play. Join this site, you will like it!