INDONESIA RAYA online chess team

Captain: Indonesia  yudi
Score: -80, ELO Rating: 1322
Created at: 2006-11-11
Status: nonactive team
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This group is maded for all International player and those whom love Indonesia. Feel free to join!

The best ever
score: 13 (13022013)
rating: 1615 (06092014)
position: #1 (06092014)

Recently (26.02.2016)
score: -62
rating: 1484
position: #1

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Won Lost Drawn Total Score
975 1055 101 2131 -80
Active Members
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts Active score
1.Serbia  Andro96516806208004
2.Uzbekistan  hamid162730191508011
3.Indonesia  yudi (C)155014817323344310-25
4.Serbia  Jovanda14832204000
5.Poland  Ra_Jan148299422300
6.Indonesia  hashishin13533947288120-8
7.Germany  MaRe011264080800-8
8.Indonesia  hwatuseke12152002002
9.Portugal  holandes12092820452208
Players average rating: 1429
Join criteria: Minimum required rating: No limit
Minimum won games: 0
Requests to join this team are approved manually.



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