Captain: United  SiColl007
Score: -148, ELO Rating: 1320
Created at: 2008-05-20
Status: nonactive team
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Description: We are looking for challenges across the ratings range...

What is asked from you while you are a British Bulldog:

1. Please update your Team Preferences!!!
2. Please do not allow team games to timeout
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Won Lost Drawn Total Score
1020 1168 88 2276 -148
Active Members
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts Active score
1.England  joclsChessHere Gold Member1625354148070-6
2.England  The Widowmaker16013901280-6
3.United  pedrinho1562232835420-5
4.England  robert kay15522417142007
5.United  sitter152065596130406
6.United  SiColl007 (C)145675761152120-1
7.United  raguel14005308002
8.United  spacemonkey13023540176160-5
9.England  centrafell1202060620-6
10.United  sturge115038282686010
Players average rating: 1437
Join criteria: Minimum required rating: 1400
Minimum won games: 7
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