64 squares online chess team

Team: 64 squares
Captain: Viet  Hao Nhien
Score: -94, ELO Rating: 1116
Created at: 2008-09-13
Status: nonactive team
Team challenges | Past members
Description: We\\\'re 64 squares of one united board!
* Best rating: 1506, 3rd place (November 2008)
Home Page: http://64squares.createforum.net/index.php
Won Lost Drawn Total Score
667 761 59 1487 -94
Active Members
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts Active score
1.United  Sir_Humphrey17611819340170-1
2.Dominican  Astaroth11V165731172508014
3.Viet  Hao Nhien (C)160171862117890-15
4.United  czaika157845354843010
5.Singapore  salimsg1567719026150-12
6.Australia  tkdreamin50155629270562202
7.United  nsavage5911520161803490-2
8.Iran  mhh313149420184421202
9.Canada  cchieu14772680342018
10.Cambodia  KhmerPrincess1471020220-2
11.Viet  ngominhman14570000000
12.India  cc12504011811427119020902
13.Philippines  ramones09142325181441707
14.Russian  Homer Simpson139743214687022
15.Philippines  ECzema1394080880-8
16.Netherlands  Mekkie13762226452150-4
17.Canada  donven171372152834640-13
18.United  Rynobax1368222404620-2
19.Spain  miguel_gonz13601815134203
20.Russian  Agronom13081122134180-11
21.Spain  miguel cas1281020220-2
22.United  m74m2008121054331884021
23.United  Sleepwalking12101901070-8
24.Australia  Devilmind10852519044306
Players average rating: 1431
Join criteria: Minimum required rating: No limit
Minimum won games: 5
Requests to join this team are approved automatically.



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