Team: The Professionals
Captain: United  abbyknotChessHere Gold Member
Score: -24, ELO Rating: 1248
Created at: 2018-03-16
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Description: We are not accepting new team members at this time. Please join one of the other teams!
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Won Lost Drawn Total Score
113 137 17 267 -24
Active Members
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts Active score
1.Cyprus  Butsefal18477018007
2.United  abbyknotChessHere Gold Member (C)1652262776040-1
3.Netherlands  bureau1601040400-4
4.United  KeSetoKaibaChessHere Gold Member14792213540009
5.Australia  KennyB14325921650-4
6.United  jonnybenitez14142204000
7.United Blackout Shades is online Blackout ShadesChessHere Silver Member13611212024100
8.Vanuatu  KingofMoney10690000000
Players average rating: 1482
Join criteria: Minimum required rating: 1200
Minimum won games: 0
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