Team: Peace
Captain: Saudi  fayyaz
Score: -196, ELO Rating: 1233
Created at: 2005-05-11
Status: nonactive team
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Description: a team for those who dream of a peacefull world!

Please don't send challenges that include all my team players, because some players have many games
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Won Lost Drawn Total Score
1329 1525 165 3019 -196
Active Members
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts Active score
1.Romania  ciudineugen1445666414144202
2.Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold Member13923611000-3
3.Trinidad  chepad138377418400
4.Saudi  fayyaz (C)1362107851220414022
5.Kuwait  anzar1308106781019421028
6.Ukraine  vasyl_puzanov677240600-2
Players average rating: 1261
Join criteria: Minimum required rating: No limit
Minimum won games: 7
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