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Otpisani (1391)VSThe Chessticles (1190)
mancroft(1403)1-0The Axeman(1452)
mancroft1-0The Axeman
GOGETTA(1521)1/2-1/2Drunken Pawn(1454)
GOGETTA0-1Drunken Pawn
dorin gipsi 66(1424)1-0Golfdubie(1347)
dorin gipsi 661-0Golfdubie
Finished games
White Black Started at Finished at Moves Result Action
Romania  dorin gipsi 66(1524) United  Golfdubie(1398) 2011-11-30 2011-12-09 28.50 Black Resign View
United  dub_ant(1394) Romania  mariuscalin(1452) 2011-11-30 2011-12-16 14.50 Black Resign View
United  Golfdubie(1391) Romania  dorin gipsi 66(1529) 2011-11-30 2011-12-19 58.00 View
Romania  mariuscalin(1443) United  dub_ant(1407) 2011-11-30 2011-12-20 17.50 Black Resign View
Trinidad  GOGETTA(1466) Germany  Drunken Pawn(1479) 2011-11-30 2012-01-09 29.00 Draw View
Germany  Drunken Pawn(1470) Trinidad  GOGETTA(1407) 2011-11-30 2012-01-26 33.50 Black Timeout View
United  mancroft(1629) Japan  The Axeman(1464) 2011-11-30 2012-01-29 29.50 Black Resign View
Japan  The Axeman(1458) United  mancroft(1635) 2011-11-30 2012-02-02 49.00 White Resign View
India  BlueScorpion(2090) Ireland  smoran90(1994) 2011-11-30 2012-02-10 8.50 Black Timeout View
Ireland  smoran90(1921) India  BlueScorpion(2042) 2011-11-30 2012-05-13 19.00 White Timeout View



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