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ReginaCattolica (1411)VSProud to be Pinoy (1208)
reginacattolica(1988)1-0Jeffrey V(1657)
reginacattolica1-0Jeffrey V
gbsalvio(2130)1-0The Beginner(1611)
gbsalvio1-0The Beginner
Finished games
White Black Started at Finished at Moves Result Action
Italy  reginacattolica(1731) Philippines  Jeffrey V(1537) 2005-05-13 2005-05-15 17.00 Black Resign View
Philippines  Jeffrey V(1530) Italy  reginacattolica(1750) 2005-05-13 2005-05-17 14.00 White Resign View
Brazil  gbsalvio(1741) Philippines  The Beginner(1589) 2005-05-13 2005-05-19 11.00 Black Resign View
Philippines  The Beginner(1586) Brazil  gbsalvio(1838) 2005-05-13 2005-06-10 29.00 White Resign View
Philippines  Amorbg(1633) Romania  rodantero(1738) 2005-05-13 2005-06-11 20.00 Black Timeout View
Romania  rodantero(1674) Philippines  Amorbg(1703) 2005-05-13 2005-07-03 51.00 Draw View
Philippines  Alma(1581) United  doubleattack(1665) 2005-05-13 2005-08-03 49.00 Draw View
United  doubleattack(1661) Philippines  Alma(1576) 2005-05-13 2005-08-08 54.00 Black Resign View



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