Masterminds (1398)VSThe King Stompers (1387)
Mihail Dimitriu(1659)0-1OmarLittle(2273)
Mihail Dimitriu0-1OmarLittle
LayZ Style(1513)1-0roy_arav(1371)
LayZ Style0-1roy_arav
kimpa(1135)1-0the yid(993)
kimpa1-0the yid
Finished games
White Black Started at Finished at Moves Result Action
Israel  roy_arav(1658) Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member(1628) 2012-10-22 2012-10-31 23.50 Black Resign View
Romania  Mihail DimitriuChessHere Silver Member(1848) United  OmarLittle(2035) 2012-10-22 2012-11-05 20.00 White Resign View
United  OmarLittle(2041) Romania  Mihail DimitriuChessHere Silver Member(1842) 2012-10-22 2012-11-05 22.50 Black Resign View
Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member(1622) Israel  roy_arav(1674) 2012-10-22 2012-11-11 37.50 Black Resign View
Israel  marc104(1658) United  slimshadey58(1618) 2012-10-22 2012-11-30 31.50 Black Resign View
Sweden  kimpa(1449) England  the yid(1141) 2012-10-22 2012-12-19 26.50 Black Resign View
United  LemmaChessHere Gold Member(1857) Cyprus  kali-mera(1865) 2012-10-22 2012-12-29 22.00 White Timeout View
England  the yid(1014) Sweden  kimpa(1424) 2012-10-22 2013-01-06 28.00 White Timeout View
United  slimshadey58(1619) Israel  marc104(1714) 2012-10-22 2013-01-14 43.50 Black Resign View
Cyprus  kali-mera(1853) United  LemmaChessHere Gold Member(1844) 2012-10-22 2013-02-10 29.50 Black Timeout View

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