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Proud to be Pinoy (1208)VSThe Hungry Bonobos (1274)
The Beginner(1611)1-0Daryal(1121)
The Beginner1-0Daryal
Jeffrey V(1657)1-0Selin(1171)
Jeffrey V1-0Selin
Finished games
White Black Started at Finished at Moves Result Action
Turkey  Daryal(1377) Philippines  The Beginner(1572) 2005-05-20 2005-05-26 21.00 White Resign View
Philippines  The Beginner(1579) Turkey  Daryal(1365) 2005-05-20 2005-05-26 14.00 Black Resign View
Philippines  Alma(1578) Germany  Mandy(1358) 2005-05-20 2005-05-30 12.00 Black Timeout View
Germany  Mandy(1351) Philippines  Alma(1576) 2005-05-20 2005-05-30 16.00 White Timeout View
Philippines  Jeffrey V(1569) Germany  Selin(1392) 2005-05-20 2005-05-30 30.00 CheckMate View
Germany  Selin(1402) Philippines  Jeffrey V(1570) 2005-05-20 2005-06-12 46.00 White Resign View



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