All finished team challenges
# Team 1 Team 2 Players Result Action
1X Class(1148)The Professionals(1248)54-4View
2X Class(1148)()32-1View
3X Class(1148)The Wings Of Hope(1372)23-1View
4X Class(1148)The Professionals(1248)22-2View
5()The Wings Of Hope(1372)21-3View
6()The Professionals(1248)31-4View
7()The Wings Of Hope(1372)31-4View
8The Wings Of Hope(1372)()21-2View
9()The Professionals(1248)51-8View
10()The Wings Of Hope(1372)63-9View
11The Professionals(1248)The Wings Of Hope(1372)51-9View
12The Professionals(1248)The Wings Of Hope(1372)64-7View
13The Wings Of Hope(1372)()20-4View
14The Wings Of Hope(1372)The Professionals(1248)23-1View
15The Professionals(1248)The Wings Of Hope(1372)53-6View
16The Professionals(1248)The Wings Of Hope(1372)50-10View
17The Wings Of Hope(1372)The Professionals(1248)34-2View
18The Wings Of Hope(1372)The Professionals(1248)57-3View
19The Professionals(1248)()56-4View
20()The Wings Of Hope(1372)21-2View
21()The Professionals(1248)32-3View
22()The Wings Of Hope(1372)22-2View
23()The Friendly Escapade(1164)22-2View
24()The Friendly Escapade(1164)24-0View
25The Professionals(1248)The Wings Of Hope(1372)45-2View
26The Professionals(1248)The Wings Of Hope(1372)42-6View
27()The Professionals(1248)31-4View
29The Wings Of Hope(1372)()31-5View
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