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# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts score
1.Indonesia  dece1566141002404
2.India  Mayur Chavan112621802014-16
3.International  ozmin1285154035836-25
4.United  booies1369110200
5.Germany  Undertaker19691865233026320
6.England  minghur113244140181-10
7.India  PrashantKSinha128333341681-1
8.India  Sunvat90135331902214-16
9.Canada  wilfrudd1394121913210-7
10.India  sundar m109781802615-10
11.England  nel666111824060-2
12.Iran  asghar_h138108088-8
13.Greece  xrisaetos147124060-2
14.Germany  hockenheimer17162124064-2
15.Europian  Miga Sis1377200202
16.United  ssweetie058662140162-12
17.England  one884124813150284-2
18.Uruguay  elm197611800100100-10
19.Greece  geoale117702022-2
20.United  robdchess127402020-2
21.Portugal  hlmonte1340220400
22.Netherlands  bonsjoer140704044-4
23.Norway  kt10110928201006
24.United  sf1151677000000
25.Germany  jadoube20121363000000
26.Bulgaria  Sevin1428000000
27.Iran  naderamiri1056000000
28.New  forecookies1520000000



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