TitleBut Fisher was the best
Descriptionwith correct play, black has a good chance of remaining unharmed
OrganizerItaly rebussino is online rebussinoChessHere Gold Member
ThematicSicilian, Najdorf [ Show it to me!]
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Games table
Playervs 1vs 2vs 3vs 4vs 5
1. Italy rebussino is online rebussinoChessHere Gold Member1-01-01-01-0
2. Brazil  Hatsek1/2-1/21-01-01-0
3. Brazil  web2ChessHere Silver Member0-10-11-01-0
4. International  0-10-10-11-0
5. Romania  florin helmisChessHere Gold Member0-10-10-10-1
Results table
1. Italy rebussino is online rebussinoChessHere Gold Member (2286)7017.5
2. Brazil  Hatsek (1690)6116.5
3. Brazil  web2ChessHere Silver Member (1512)4404
4. International   (1497)2602
5. Romania  florin helmisChessHere Gold Member (1305)0800