Active Tournaments

  Title Organizer Players Thematic Games (finished/total)
1Bishops OpeningUnited  abbyknotChessHere Moderator6Bishop's Opening
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2web2Brazil web2 is online web2ChessHere Silver Member3Grob's attack
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3web2Brazil web2 is online web2ChessHere Silver Member5Amar gambit
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4web2Brazil web2 is online web2ChessHere Silver Member6No0/30(0%)
5helmiserupeRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No0/90(0%)
6Test 14june2019India  biswajit123$3No0/6(0%)
7Test 05062019India  biswajit123$3No0/6(0%)
829th May TestIndia  biswajit123$3No0/6(0%)
9DTS Junior Test TournamentIndia  biswajit123$3No0/6(0%)
1017th Junior Chess TournamentIndia  biswajit123$3No0/6(0%)
1117th May 2019India  biswajit123$3No0/6(0%)
12DTS TESTIndia  biswajit123$3No0/6(0%)
13quick play XIVUnited  ironhorse19746No0/30(0%)
14ROyal RUMBLEAngola  asisganguly3No0/6(0%)
15Test tournament 2India  biswajit123$3No0/6(0%)
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