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# Title Organizer Players Thematic Finished at Winner
1welcomeIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2018-11-19Austria  JohannPaul
2quick play 8United  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member6No2018-11-18Ukraine  persikoff
3Christmas Tournament Group APhilippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member5No2018-11-09France  Y_afu
4Augusts 2018Latvia  verns2ChessHere Gold Member10No2018-11-07Philippines  BULLDOZER
5helmiserupeRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2018-11-01France znk999 is online znk999
6quick play 4United  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member6No2018-10-22England  Matt362
7misfitUnited  dbrunnerChessHere Gold Member10No2018-10-15Romania  Gafra_51
8FecesebeleauaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2018-10-12Austria  HannesPaul
9june 7 2018 tournementIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2018-10-08United  dunkChessHere Gold Member
10quick play 1United  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member6No2018-10-05Hungary  csotibi
11quick play 3United  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member6No2018-09-30United  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member
12June 16 tournement aIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2018-09-27Europian  philcan
13helmiserupeRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2018-09-27Austria  JohannPaul
14quick play 2United  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member6No2018-09-27Bulgaria  erd
15rockiesUnited  dbrunnerChessHere Gold Member10No2018-09-27Austria  HannesPaul
16RETURN OF THE ANZAR BONDSaudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Gold Member10No2018-09-24Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Gold Member
17june 6 tournementIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2018-09-10Italy  spaniciattiChessHere Gold Member
18June 16 tournement bIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2018-09-10Poland  danielglowinski
19march 9th 2018 enjoyIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2018-08-27Ghana Uhuru is online Uhuru
20December 2017 chessfestPhilippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member10No2018-08-18Czech  urbanmil
21march 9th 2018Israel  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2018-08-08Austria  JohannPaul
22dinamoRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2018-07-26England  Matt362
23march 5th 2018Israel  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2018-07-26Bulgaria  erd
24Maijs 2018Latvia  verns2ChessHere Gold Member10No2018-07-25International  Riverhorse
25march24 2018 aIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2018-07-16Bulgaria  erd
26Test ParveenAustralia  parveen143No2018-07-04Australia  parveenkngrChessHere Gold Member
27april 9 2018 aIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10Crab Opening
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2018-07-01Austria  JohannPaul
28campionRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2018-06-30International  Riverhorse
29april 9 2018Israel  tidiChessHere Gold Member10Benko's Opening
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2018-06-30United  vasilii_o
30ANZAR BOND 461Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Gold Member6No2018-06-28United  dunkChessHere Gold Member
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