Finished Tournaments

# Title Organizer Players Thematic Finished at Winner
15121One Day Tournament 010International  3Benoni, Classical with ...a6 and 10...Bg4
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15122ZurichInternational  4NoInternational  
15123forInternational  4NoInternational  
15124The international tournamentInternational  9NoInternational  
15125mksymsymInternational  3Queen's Pawn Game
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15126CM Forums Chess CupInternational  3NoInternational  
15127PSYCHOPATH 2International  3NoInternational  
15128tsamekajanongInternational  3NoInternational  
15129SumqayitAzerbaijan  Muqabil5NoInternational  
15130AzerbaijanInternational  4NoInternational  
15131WYDGAMINGInternational  4NoInternational  
15132Poland Championships group 3International  7NoInternational  
15133Poland Championships group 4International  7NoInternational  
15134Poland Championships group 8International  7NoInternational  
15135CVCAInternational  3NoInternational  
15136Torneo AlexInternational  4NoInternational  
15137America Open IIInternational  6NoInternational  
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