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#User Name Rating RT Rating Active games Moves RT Moves Won Lost Drawn RT Won RT Lost RT Drawn Challenge
1.United Hot_Tracy is online Hot_Tracy223518258167480221681363412Challenge
2.Poland danielglowinski is online danielglowinski1937162156439610122940412714211912Challenge
3.Germany Odyssos is online Odyssos1906180133677010713155613Challenge
4.India pvsingh is online pvsingh1788140041207102818519000Challenge
5.India shyamjha is online shyamjha173014001064200957114000Challenge
6.Slovakia vmach is online vmach168215682256947097966714661486Challenge
7.Philippines LayZ Style is online LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member16351682139754401255136736318215117Challenge
8.United SAChess Player is online SAChess Player1606140089216014911211000Challenge
9.Philippines jimboy3519 is online jimboy351915241587237467017580111711196Challenge
10.Brazil web2 is online web2151014136018800702730257420159292031Challenge
11.Ireland PopeInnocent is online PopeInnocentChessHere Gold Member147914481516309068251755921Challenge
12.Brazil zer is online zer146515970262070122316111Challenge
13.Ghana Uhuru is online Uhuru14461128263015206683955915220218Challenge
14.Philippines The Script is online The Script14271420051101550917110Challenge
15.Netherlands homebird is online homebird1423140002818053398000Challenge
16.United FiveStarPapa is online FiveStarPapa1405140034496064602000Challenge
17.United admin is online adminChessHere Moderator14001400000000000Challenge
18.Brazil tadovr is online tadovr140014440000003091968Challenge
19.Italy Conteduca is online Conteduca1400128600000058614Challenge
20.Australia ritafaf is online ritafaf14001400000000000Challenge
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