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#User Name Rating RT Rating Active games Moves RT Moves Won Lost Drawn RT Won RT Lost RT Drawn Challenge
1.Canada Zuhfee is online Zuhfee2166140045753017682828423Challenge
2.Latvia hazel is online hazel213620142134101721593104300368Challenge
3.Switzerland PacBalanca is online PacBalanca2078155037852021323132160Challenge
4.United molehill61 is online molehill61205014001475601261618000Challenge
5.United AlBel is online AlBelChessHere Gold Member198416009233660361217872890Challenge
6.United Shaina 32s is online Shaina 32s19351400133260080213000Challenge
7.United Riverhorse is online Riverhorse18881438102387067014400Challenge
8.Italy spaniciatti is online spaniciattiChessHere Gold Member18861400212840012563000Challenge
9.France znk999 is online znk99917951400920418043516914000Challenge
10.Italy Alek Bobynin is online Alek Bobynin1757145068098025312815820Challenge
11.Burkina Mukemwe is online Mukemwe173414003175904656000Challenge
12.United matealot is online matealotChessHere Gold Member16871400068502820000Challenge
13.Philippines BULLDOZER is online BULLDOZER163914901370496011628481959231479107Challenge
14.United Lev71 is online Lev7116081392155255060496357250Challenge
15.Hong ahwong is online ahwong160714001367202501000Challenge
16.Philippines Larryldy is online Larryldy160216161355234072569821412311016Challenge
17.United Al1500 is online Al15001595142181429029102310Challenge
18.United mhlambert is online mhlambert1563140011173001951047000Challenge
19.United ironhorse1974 is online ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member15591430165408011742858274Challenge
20.Argentina ffelchle is online ffelchle154014001048612062373987000Challenge
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