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#User Name Rating RT Rating Active games Moves RT Moves Won Lost Drawn RT Won RT Lost RT Drawn Challenge
1.Italy Alek Bobynin is online Alek Bobynin1795145087999025312415820Challenge
2.India  pvsingh1773140061290802989020000Challenge
3.Australia vinko1235 is online vinko123516871391103936092214010Challenge
4.Slovakia vmach is online vmach168315684592350102369014761486Challenge
5.United matealot is online matealotChessHere Gold Member16791400464502600000Challenge
6.United SAChess Player is online SAChess Player1597140089670015511811000Challenge
7.United johng is online johng157414003279205363000Challenge
8.Europian philcan is online philcan15301580203220106024783693568Challenge
9.Iran m-rahimi is online m-rahimi153013540570108377362685149Challenge
10.Germany jochen is online jochen14991400416272023717226000Challenge
11.Ghana Uhuru is online Uhuru14931121143293207204197015220418Challenge
12.Brazil web2 is online web2146414132319425102823265620659292031Challenge
13.Slovakia bindo is online bindo140014270000001177138990Challenge
14.India swathi123 is online swathi1231400139400000083290270Challenge
15.Brazil jorgeamaury is online jorgeamauryChessHere Gold Member14001434000000108076540Challenge
16.Ukraine andriy is online andriy140015220001001043127778Challenge
17.India ganeshk is online ganeshk1400153600000036043425Challenge
18.India torington is online torington1400119300000058864951Challenge
19.Dominican alohmar is online alohmar140016070000002119151280Challenge
20.India mdashfaque2014 is online mdashfaque2014140013150000001130Challenge
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