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#User Name Rating RT Rating Active games Moves RT Moves Won Lost Drawn RT Won RT Lost RT Drawn Challenge
21.United jamesmack is online jamesmack14931400887367011431291109000Challenge
22.United kookookachoo is online kookookachoo148814005744201321016000Challenge
23.India  with_every_step14801400471803150000Challenge
24.United Bradsterd is online Bradsterd147014002957031100000Challenge
25.Ghana Uhuru is online Uhuru1465113973371007384257115320418Challenge
26.Europian philcan is online philcan1464158013241806124863793568Challenge
27.Poland  piotrek3054144813523157600012469979337931617Challenge
28.New Blackcrane9974 is online Blackcrane9974144814001294402581000Challenge
29.United helbling is online helbling1446118623368103542509736642643Challenge
30.United mred1123 is online mred112314451284134470554837222Challenge
31.Brazil web2 is online web2144414041219695502867269220959392231Challenge
32.Australia jknight007 is online jknight00714431400282101840000Challenge
33.United dbr is online dbrChessHere Gold Member143314105413864086814074438315Challenge
34.United cliffcliffcliff is online cliffcliffcliff142914004851101049238000Challenge
35.United Wodle is online Wodle14261372257590150872690Challenge
36.United Laperd is online Laperd14241418623844043520614210Challenge
37.United KeSetoKaiba is online KeSetoKaiba1408142412380731320Challenge
38.United makingdeals247 is online makingdeals247ChessHere Gold Member1400135000594002053877723299Challenge
39.International Raveendranadh is online Raveendranadh140013741000001581192251Challenge
40.India Bammidi is online Bammidi140013740000001325157329Challenge
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