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Player: United  adminChessHere Moderator Subject: Challenge the GM Events - Updated!

2018-06-03 17:03:33
We are so excited to offer this fun event to Chesshere players!

In the Real Time Chess area, Grandmaster LerouxJP will be accepting challenges from all players on dates specified below!

All games will be one of the following:
1/0, 2/0, 3/0 , 5/0, 10/0 all unrated

LerouxJP will either have games ready for players to accept, but to be fair and give everyone a chance, we encourge you to challenge him in one of the game choices above.

All events will start at 16:00 Server Time and last for 3 hours! Please make sure you know your own time zone so you can be here to enjoy the event.

US Times are as follows:
9:00 a.m. PST
10:00 a.m. MST
11:00 a.m. CST
12:00 p.m. EST

Feel free to add your countries corresponding time zones as well to help out other players!

Here are the remaing dates we have scheduled for June:

Tuesday June 12
Tuesday June 19
Tuesday June 26

Follow this forum thread for any updates or changes!!

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1United  adminChessHere Moderator2018-06-09 17:28:10
Mark your calenders for the next three Tuesdays!!

2France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-06-20 09:53:16
Dates for July same time as usual


3United  adminChessHere Moderator2018-07-07 15:26:27
Next one coming up Tuesday July 12th! See post at top of thread for details and mark your calendars for rest of the July dates: July 19 and July 28th!! See y'all there!

4Canada  dsuttles2018-07-07 17:39:23

5France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-07-24 17:21:08
Hello all chess players from all over the world. It has been decided with the administration of chesshere.com That this event we become a monthly event. Therefore the next challenge the Grandmaster event will take place on August 6th at the same time as usual. It would last two hours, during these two hours you will be able to challenge me to a 2/0, 3/0, 5/0, 10/0, 15/0 game.

So get ready, prepare and see you on August 6th

6United  adminChessHere Moderator2018-08-07 13:37:53
Thanks for yesterday's event, LerouxJP! Everyone enjoyed playing with you! Let us know the date for September's event so players can save the date!!

7France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-09-02 18:52:08
hi all

The next date will be Sept 18th usual time

Thank you

8United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator2018-09-14 01:09:42
Thank you for the updates! :)

9United  adminChessHere Moderator2018-10-24 18:26:42
Update on October GrandMaster Event. LerouxJP's computer has officially gone to the laptop graveyard, so we will not have an October event, but we are hoping he gets a new one in time for Novembers!! Let's send him some good vibes to get that new laptop

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