Team Canada Chess Team

Past members of Team Canada [Go to team page]
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts score
1.Canada  UOGC19878041208
2.Canada  MerchantParkPro187002022-2
3.Canada  dharma_bum1641420602
4.Canada  sl_of_canada10115150209-10
5.Canada  tenorboy06110306066-6
6.Canada  volna197517223014751016
7.Canada  bjfromcanada124206066-6
8.Canada  Chessmaster1000107502022-2
9.Canada  Stik141206060-6
10.Canada  ChromeShadow138711131253-2
11.Canada  sloantbone1559182514426-7
12.Canada  jogiyu154816185-5
13.Canada  Frodo197013260-2
14.Canada  cc1379031021136126080-4
15.Canada  Marathe17155321002
16.Canada  Korr1467512804
17.Canada  RNB146824064-2
18.Canada  tnt137713812275
19.Canada  Montecristo1234124611501626
20.Canada  Samantha1096370106-4
21.Canada  hot_hutterite1400000000
22.Canada  Guyzer19541212000000



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