Diehards Chess Team

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# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts score
1.South  jaco197611526494015847-30
2.Finland  RT-Juhani139423160-1
3.India  squarecircle1605383227266
4.Bulgaria  maneropol1962131510146308-4
5.Greece  moumias20136151205
6.Switzerland  meteon1172000000
7.Malaysia  chifatalocoz1292000000
8.India  saral9315941312113631
9.Australia  Garfield1279294037226-11
10.United  Rev19251586133218010
11.Myanmar  winswe118002402424-24
12.United  Azerius104321201412-10
13.England  peter-griffin1482365144-3
14.United  Pistolpetesuper136204044-4
15.United  gentlewarriorChessHere Gold Member1267000000
16.Romania  Mirvet1379000000



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