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Player: Italy  rebussinoChessHere Gold Member Subject: Crazy

2019-11-14 11:36:28
During the break due to maintenance I was assigned four defeats and the risk of losing another nine games. So far 288 points have been taken from me. Crazy. How could I play if Chess Here didn't wor? Please remedy this fix because I don't want to lose 288 points wrongly. I also do not want the win games assigned to me for the same affair. I ask you to remedy as soon as possible. In the meantime I accept the apology due to me
I hope that common sense prevails otherwise I will be forced to leave ChessHere
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1United  abbyknotChessHere Gold Member2019-11-16 04:09:20
I ALSO lost 15 games that I was winning!
And when I finally got back in and saw that I had 'lost on time' and complained the admin 'dsuttles' BANNED ME from the site!

And when I went to the previous owner all she did was 'allow me to come back' but she wouldn't say anything bad to 'dsuttles'... or fix my games. I was winning so many tournaments!

Not ONLY did the previous owner screw me over, but she continued to allow 'dsuttles' to be an admin!

It got worse!
I received a text message from an International Master who claimed that when he asked the question: "Why is this site down so much?" dsuttles BANNED HIM!

It should be pretty obvious to all concerned WHY so many members LEFT! Including myself.

When the NEW owner contacted me and asked me to help him get Chesshere.com back up and running I told him I would help him ONLY if he agreed to 2 conditions:

1) You MUST have programmers fix all the bugs
2) dsuttles MUST GO!

He agreed to my terms so I am working with all of you to bring the site back.

Unfortunately, we can never erase the past... but we can look forward to a brighter future!