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Player: Italy  rebussinoChessHere Gold Member Subject: Happy and reasonable

2019-11-19 12:13:41
Finally a realistic agreement was reached. I do not have the pleasure of meeting those who have dealt with me but are capable, educated and above all with infinite patience. Dear I abbyknot have not losted the matches due to a failed connection but during the period of transfer from one server to another ("the server is in maintenance waiting and trying later).
Who was my opponent knows that I have great respect for my opponent and I consider time out a piece of crap. I believe that this story shows that Chesshere is a serious organization. I believe that after this time the players will come back. If I can give a humble advice not required, perhaps it is the case to appoint a tournament director to organize the challenges and not leave them to the initiative of the individual players. In Israel and Romania there are two very good ones. I apologize for Google English
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