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Player: United  adminChessHere Moderator Subject: Announcing lower pricing and Quarterly/Yearly plans!

2020-01-12 06:53:04
Starting August 30th, 2019, pricing for new customers will be updated:

Yearly Gold Membership level: Only $3/month (Annual payment. Total: $36/Year)

Quarterly Silver Membership level: Only $4/month (Quarterly payment. Total: $12/Quarter)

We will still offer a FREE plan for accounts, but with known limited features and
Starting August 30th, the 47 games you are allowed are based on a 24-hour period!

Our new pricing will not affect current paying customers.

Thank you and best wishes,
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1United  abbyknotChessHere Gold Member2020-01-12 07:34:50

That's a great bargain!

I just received a bill from chess.com and they want $99 for a 1 year renewal. Not sure I want to stay with them if I have to pay so much.


2United  Blackout ShadesChessHere Gold Member2020-01-18 05:42:50
I'm sure this is the wrong spot for this...
I'm trying to send a note to admin and 1 to another player. At the bottom of the box where the send button has always m
been the area is covered by the heading "invite a friend".
This is one of those things that makes it difficult to get around on here. (Least I can't see it in my mobile maybe I. A desk top but that's not the point.

3United  abbyknotChessHere Gold Member2020-01-18 20:12:32
Thanks for posting the error Blackout Shades.
When you want to send a message to the admin look at the top right of your screen and you will see this:

Click on CONTACT US and you can write a message. I just tried to duplicate the error you gave and cannot do it.

Are you using a computer or a smart phone?