How do I properly use the Chesshere Help Center?
To properly use the Chesshere Help Center, just type in the question you need to ask.  Any of the moderators will be able to see your question, and will assist you as soon as possible.  If no one helps you right away, check later for a response or submit question to admins using the Contact Us page or send email to
How do I challenge someone?
To challenge a player, scroll through the list of players and click the challenge button next to their name with the desired time control, colors, etc…
If I cancel a game, will I lose rating points?
If you cancel a game you will not lose rating points, however, a game may only be cancelled within the first 1.5 moves of the game.
What if I want to create an open challenge, but only want people in a certain rating range to join?
You can control the rating ranges of who joins your games by using the rating option in the challenge settings.  Just click the rating range you wish to play against, and it will only allow people with ratings within those limits to join.
What do I do if I am searching for someone among the list of players or for someone in a game, but I can’t find him/her?
If this is the case, use the players filter or the games filter to see if who you are searching for is there.  For example, if you are searching for someone named Person A, you could type “Person” in either filter, and if they are in a game or in the room their name will appear, along with anyone else who’s username has “Person” in it.
What if I played less than five games for the day, but it says that my five game quota has already been used up?
When this happens, it is because the five games you are allowed are based on a 24-hour period, not your individual “day” and “night”.  This is because your day and night is different than someone else’s who lives in a different time zone.  If this happens, you can come on a couple hours later, and your games may be renewed for the next 24 hours.  It depends on where you live and what time zone you are in.
What do I do if I create a game and someone joins, but the page won’t load after a long time of waiting?
In this situation, the reason is usually a slow/poor connection.  The best thing to do is wait until the game appears.  If you close the page and open up a new one, chances are it will make your entire computer seem to go a bit slower and will still not load, or it will take longer to load than it was before.
What should I do if my opponent is using inappropriate language during a game?
If this is the case, then as soon as you finish your game report your opponent’s name and a copy of the chat immediately to
What am I supposed to do if my opponent leaves the game, but doesn’t close his Chesshere page?
If this ever happens, wait for your opponent to timeout.  Since he/she didn’t close his/her page, then you will not win in the 90 seconds that is allotted for your opponent to return. If you do not have enough time to wait that long, then your only option is to resign the game.  It is unfair that people do this, but it is the only thing that we can do.  After the game, if you don’t want to play that opponent again you can put him/her on your ignore list.
What do I do if my opponent’s time runs to zero but the game did not end?
If your opponent’s time runs to zero and you did not yet get the back to main page button, that could mean one of three things. First it could mean your opponent has slow connection, which would result in you not seeing the move right away.  In this case, if your opponent is close to timing out, his/her clock may reach zero for a while before you actually see the move played.  Secondly, it could mean that you have slow connection and your computer is not processing the information immediately.  Lastly, it could mean that you have lost connection.  If you believe this is the case, you should refresh the page.  If you have lost connection, you will probably get an error page and then you should try and reconnect.
How is my opponent able to “add time” to his clock?
If your opponent seems to be adding time to his/her clock, this is what is happening:  Your opponent makes a move at a certain time.  Either he/she has poor connection, or you do, and it takes a while for your opponent’s move to get to your computer, and when you get it your opponent’s clock will show the time at which he/she actually made the move.  This is also explained in the Clocks-Way of Acting file in the RTC room.
What if I made a move, but after a while of waiting it shows that I timed out?
If this ever occurs it means that, while you were playing the game, you lost connection and didn’t realize it.  After it has occurred, there is nothing you can do about it, except, for future games, to refresh if your opponent is taking a while to move so you make sure you haven’t lost connection.
What if it says I timed out during a game, but I still have time left on my clock?
This event is caused if you have more than one tab of Chesshere open.  What happens in this situation is that having two pages of Chesshere open causes your time to decrease on one page and on the other look normal.  The one you are playing on will make it appear normal, while actually you will be losing time.  If you accidentally open up two pages, it is best if you close one of them immediately if you are in a RTC game.   Most of the time this only happens if you have two pages of Chesshere open on the RTC page.

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