Spirits & Souls online chess team

Team: Spirits & Souls
Captain: India  nitinadlakha
Score: -135, ELO Rating: 1238
Created at: 2006-11-24
Status: nonactive team
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We aim to be the best we can be and, ofcourse, have fun.
One for all and all for Chess!!

All sincere players are welcome to join.

Historical performances:

08th Apr 2009: Rank 1st : Rating 1546
08th Mar 2009: Rank 1st : Rating 1524
19th Feb 2009: Rank 8th : Rating 1445

Latest Information :

Team forum has been setup at the link below
Home Page: http://www.chesshere.com/forums_topic.php?id=57084
Won Lost Drawn Total Score
466 601 26 1093 -135
Active Members
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts Active score
1.India  nitinadlakha (C)162040102529030
2.United  The Beezer15870821000-8
3.India  arjun_4u20051502107118603
4.Italy  clarkaka14552002002
5.India  gold_serpent14070000000
6.India  harshalsarda13630000000
7.India  bangaram13610000000
8.India  vsraju00713482002002
9.India  div4friends13470000000
10.India  ranga19831342350820-2
11.India  aadapi13260000000
12.Bulgaria  Broken_Soul1298080880-8
13.India  kilaruh12630000000
14.India  ravigm1253040440-4
15.Estonia  rault120478863167200-8
16.Jordan  morphy9411710000000
17.Singapore  Branz10292235057100-13
18.United  tadek8900000000
Players average rating: 1320
Join criteria: Minimum required rating: No limit
Minimum won games: 5
Requests to join this team are approved automatically.



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