Team: Dropkick Team Parkiet
Captain: Netherlands  Piet Parkiet
Score: 27, ELO Rating: 1233
Created at: 2007-03-12
Status: nonactive team
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Description: No timeout allowed. I'll match opponents fair as possible but i expect a good dogfight. So looking for real chess lovers.
Home Page: None
Won Lost Drawn Total Score
428 401 49 878 27
Active Members
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts Active score
1.Netherlands  Grumpy20752679420019
2.France  cc1250136220183439207663019
3.Netherlands  Piet Parkiet (C)15187353101369020
4.United  djtravisb14795741210015016
5.Latvia  Igor Rausis13262801080-6
6.Croatia  brlinho126366722140250-6
7.Italy  hight rate1261022022220-22
8.Egypt  Hussein1237934144320-25
9.Belgium  Filou12152426050100-2
Players average rating: 1468
Join criteria: Minimum required rating: 1400
Minimum won games: 5
Requests to join this team are approved manually.

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