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Team: Brazilian Team
Captain: Brazil  GibsonSantos
Score: 781, ELO Rating: 1306
Created at: 2005-05-25
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O BT é um time internacional para praticantes de xadrez

El BT es una equipo internacional para los amantes del ajedrez

Le BT est une équipe internationale de joueurs de échecs

The BT is a international team for chess players

Recomendações: Sem timeouts, companheirismo, integridade e muita luta.

Highest ELO: 1609 at August 4th 2008,
The most victorious team of Chesshere with 749 wins at May 31st 2011
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Won Lost Drawn Total Score
2128 1347 246 3721 781
Active Members
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts Active score
1.Brazil  C-NOB184750260767024
2.Portugal  Senitram18354934119426215
3.Brazil  GibsonSantos (C)1741153891625836064
4.Argentina  telmo17201901070-8
5.Brazil  ilhado170213440161905094
6.Brazil  danielvr55154784618004
7.Germany  SchachMatt400015339267211805025
8.Brazil  Brandaus13669882618636016
9.Brazil  web2135127152440012
10.New  Borgster13486137610413024
11.Argentina  katrica13249675918028021
12.Brazil  anderson12739467316434027
13.Brazil  edinei11244452610200-8
Players average rating: 1516
Join criteria: Minimum required rating: 1400
Minimum won games: 5
Requests to join this team are approved manually.



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