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Team: Chess Fans!
Captain: Sweden  Explosion_Hawk
Score: 28, ELO Rating: 1260
Created at: 2013-06-17
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Description: Welcome to this friendly team: Chess Fans!
All players are welcome!
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Won Lost Drawn Total Score
572 544 118 1234 28
Active Members
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts Active score
1.United  pikejohn194886317212
2.France  Electruk17051914538605
3.Portugal  JCF216042167345015
4.Albania  ademx1584101643000-6
5.Iran  mohamad_love13615760000000
6.Slovakia  anfe15731434654120-20
7.Bosnia  rzovko14830000000
8.Estonia  petery1469223065840-8
9.Russian  minope145061402040-8
10.Sweden  tafasto1ChessHere Gold Member1439192214200-3
11.Bulgaria  zepdel1421242665600-2
12.Philippines  jnable14191622125050-6
13.Iran  imthere14101416030130-2
14.Grenada  Tsha-tov13952215138707
15.Italy  reza1993reza13862002002
16.Wales  Bullenov13541316332110-3
17.India  zeneth1309020220-2
18.Canada  giardia127426251521401
19.Australia  foxy the pirate12651102100
20.India  Lawma12440000000
21.Guyana  fastcard531211168024208
22.India  vrkl1210020220-2
23.Greece  misemma11880000000
24.Philippines  markdaniel11870000000
25.Croatia  duhek113631612090-13
26.Sweden  Explosion_Hawk (C)113101111290-11
27.Slovakia  hcbanan11110000000
28.Norway  kt10110920000000
29.Hungary  2008Cortactionv10600000000
30.Paraguay  Diego Salazar1048101512630-5
31.United  rhodesia4ever922136120007
Players average rating: 1342
Join criteria: Minimum required rating: No limit
Minimum won games: 0
Requests to join this team are approved automatically.



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