Nuclear Monkeys (1526)VSThe Wings Of Hope (1409)
Shaina 32s(1946)1-0jandamian(1951)
Shaina 32s1-0jandamian
Finished games
White Black Started at Finished at Moves Result Action
Ukraine  persikoff(1534) Latvia  alexkli(1462) 2018-09-18 2018-10-31 44.50 View
Latvia  alexkli(1463) Ukraine  persikoff(1602) 2018-09-18 2018-11-14 72.00 View
United  Shaina 32s(1986) Poland jandamian is online jandamian(1941) 2018-09-18 2019-01-24 52.50 Black Resign View
Poland jandamian is online jandamian(1896) United  Shaina 32s(2003) 2018-09-18 2019-02-13 62.00 White Timeout View

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