The Chessticles Chess Team

Past members of The Chessticles [Go to team page]
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts score
1.Canada  gdam197818280467-10
2.Ireland  smoran9019146539221262026
3.Canada  Jarrod Pinsent138146280741318
4.United  lilgia1320525551128-3
5.Viet  wallythebutcher13091190200-18
6.United  BishopF51592183355613-15
7.Netherlands  bakjan113408080-8
8.United  clivord1467364518234-9
9.United  SoItGoesChessHere Gold Member14762420044134
10.United  jesus3111709270364-18
11.Indonesia  Rahmat_Rausu1556000000
12.Russian  Den_F189521112341010
13.Argentina  kjanzen136718191380-1
14.Japan  The Axeman145282403213-16
15.Netherlands  BeyondEternity116802022-2
16.India  Prabhat_Pandey140026086-4



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