The Evil Bishops Chess Team

Past members of The Evil Bishops [Go to team page]
# Name Rating Won Lost Drawn Total Timeouts score
1.United  swoop6314139701602
2.United  6packmike15006100161-4
3.South  sim ka zee135508088-8
4.Russian  tellur1562161333203
5.Germany  FischersFritze1613800808
6.Portugal  antoniorocha103106060-6
7.Europian  philcan15223110141-8
8.Palestine  samenah139010621804
9.Finland  knight_f3167510572205
10.India  saral93159406066-6
11.Hungary  Kingbang2032131413402-1
12.Canada  jkmerrick1744501605
13.Ukraine  GAMAua14427301004
14.Portugal  holandes12368801600
15.United  lawrens158876112401
16.Belgium  Dhira127135080-2
17.United  ENDEAVORChessHere Gold Member142034180-1
18.Brazil  alchauar160014164340-2
19.India  adamjamesrulz1117220420
20.India  Rutam Sable1261000000
21.United  OmarLittle2273000000
22.India  squarecircle1605000000
23.England  the yid993000000
24.South  goregalore1558000000
25.Iran  dadyar1537000000
26.India  guru071030000000
27.Norway  kt1011092000000
28.Egypt  egy watermelon1636000000



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