Finished Tournaments

# Title Organizer Players Thematic Finished at Winner
571UFA 32Russian  ignativanov856No2015-09-03Germany  Brille2011
572RespectGermany  MaRe015No2015-09-03South  faaskaas
573Dermans Sicilian XCIVThailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member10Sicilian
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2015-09-01China  aitorito
574Bsrmaley 12Russian  Barmaley10No2015-09-01India  sudhanvithiya
575ANZARBOND 462Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Gold Member6No2015-08-30India  Nye123
576Barmaley 13Russian  Barmaley10No2015-08-29United  silvercrest
577SicilianCanada  greenpChessHere Gold Member8Sicilian
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2015-08-29Syria  hossamdr
578Dermans Dragon LXXXVIIIThailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member10Sicilian, Dragon Variation
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2015-08-28Czech  urbanmil
579Dermans Dragon XLVIIIThailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member10Sicilian, Dragon Variation
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2015-08-28Andorra  Uixdecamp
580Dermans Dragon LXXXIIThailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member10Sicilian, Dragon Variation
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2015-08-28Andorra  Uixdecamp
581VilniusLithuania  KestutisKadonasChessHere Gold Member10No2015-08-26Bulgaria  Ireks
582CATEASCARomania  helmisflorin10No2015-08-26United  silvercrest
583JoniskisLithuania  KestutisKadonasChessHere Gold Member10No2015-08-25Hungary  Kingbang
584UFA 23Russian  ignativanov856No2015-08-24United  Rustythedog
585Dermans Dragon XLVThailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member10Sicilian, Dragon Variation
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2015-08-23Hungary  hotwater
586SELECTRomania  helmisflorin10No2015-08-19Italy  Alek Bobynin
587UFA 16Russian  ignativanov8510No2015-08-18Russian  ignativanov85
588HERASTRAURomania  helmisflorin10No2015-08-15Romania  dorin gipsi 66
589Castle on a cloudUnited  klosab10No2015-08-11Serbia  krdza
590ToughRussian  Autothrottle10No2015-08-11England  true_wolfman
591Bsrmaley 10Russian  Barmaley10No2015-08-11United  VISIO
592UFA 26Russian  ignativanov8510No2015-08-10Italy  rebussinoChessHere Gold Member
593AFUMATIRomania  helmisflorin10No2015-08-10United  silvercrest
594Winter 2015 CAN InvitationalCanada  RalphPM5No2015-08-08Canada  Akoola
595TALIMBELRomania  helmisflorin10No2015-08-05Europian  teoretic
596PANCIURomania  helmisflorin10No2015-08-04Poland  buba12
597Give me your ratingRussian  Autothrottle10No2015-08-03Austria  HannesPaul
598UFA 25Russian  ignativanov854No2015-07-31Poland  SuwarKa
599FunParaguay  Diego Salazar5No2015-07-29United  jonnybenitez
600TEIRomania  helmisflorin10No2015-07-28Brazil  edinei
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