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# Title Organizer Players Thematic Finished at Winner
271parisRomania  helmisflorin10No2016-12-16Romania  helmisflorin
272Augusts 2016Latvia  verns2ChessHere Gold Member10No2016-12-15Canada  DanDLion
273Round RobinUnited  Yamaha2011ChessHere Gold Member3No2016-12-09Romania  helmisflorin
274idit10Israel  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2016-12-09United  tomaspChessHere Gold Member
275RioUnited  Vicious Pete9No2016-12-07United  Vicious Pete
276Counter Logic GamingUnited  Vicious Pete8No2016-12-06Iceland  Magnolia
277vienaRomania  helmisflorin10No2016-12-04India  kannamama
278Chess for FriendsGermany  MaRe016No2016-11-28Egypt  sami212
279londraRomania  helmisflorin10No2016-11-28Switzerland  buerklerf
280blobUnited  dbrunnerChessHere Gold Member10No2016-11-26Poland  danielglowinski
281chess is love 18Iran  gold_man10No2016-11-23Indonesia  hashishin
282muieteRomania  helmisflorin10No2016-11-23United  cv_xochiChessHere Silver Member
283TorneoParaguay  Diego Salazar10No2016-11-23Paraguay  Diego Salazar
284Chess is love 21Iran  gold_man10No2016-11-12Ghana  Uhuru
285SeptemberCaroKannUnited  tomaspChessHere Gold Member8Caro-Kann, Classical
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2016-11-09Bulgaria  Sevin
286fishUnited  dbrunnerChessHere Gold Member10No2016-11-07India  ajaysarvepalli
287chess is love 19Iran  gold_man10No2016-11-05Europian  Adso
288Sicilian Sloggers IISouth  blackant10Sicilian, Dragon, Classical
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2016-11-01South  blackant
289gigolloRomania  helmisflorin10No2016-11-01Austria  HannesPaul
290bucurestiRomania  helmisflorin10No2016-10-23Poland  Maksymiliang
291driveIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2016-10-22United  dvdstrbn
292madridRomania  helmisflorin10No2016-10-20Greece  NOCHESPROGRAMME
293Yugoslav AttackEngland  Molten GoldChessHere Gold Member10Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, 12.h4
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2016-10-19India  mak73
294scandalIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2016-10-17Poland  smajg
295berlinRomania  helmisflorin10No2016-10-14United  Rcsharp50
296open tournamentInternational  gaiberner10No2016-10-14India  ajaysarvepalli
297hopeIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2016-10-12Ghana  Uhuru
298moscovaRomania  helmisflorin10No2016-10-12India  ramchandanbapu
299uefaRomania  helmisflorin10No2016-10-09Hungary  Atis
300June tournement under 1350Israel  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2016-10-07Romania  helmisflorin
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