Finished Tournaments

# Title Organizer Players Thematic Finished at Winner
31NEW TOURNAMENTUnited  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member10No2019-07-05Poland  danielglowinski
32helmiserupeRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2019-06-28Bulgaria  krasitzz
33much time to moveIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-06-27Italy  spaniciattiChessHere Gold Member
34fecebeseRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2019-06-26Austria  HannesPaul
35quick play XVIUnited  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member6No2019-06-15United  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member
36feeling betterIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-06-10Austria  HannesPaul
37fecaleauaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2019-06-03Poland  danielglowinski
3821st May Test TournamentIndia  biswajit123$ChessHere Gold Member3No2019-05-25Israel  tidiChessHere Gold Member
39fecabeseauaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2019-05-24Ghana  Uhuru
40A new dayIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-05-22Poland  danielglowinski
41New Tournament 234Malaysia  lester234ChessHere Silver Member5No2019-05-20Romania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member
42DTS Chess TournamentIndia  biswajit123$ChessHere Gold Member3No2019-05-20United  chessrookstwo
43beCACAliRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2019-05-16Austria  HannesPaul
44dinamoRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2019-05-14United  VISIO
45slipperyIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-05-13Austria  HannesPaul
46feb 2 2019Israel  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-05-11United  VISIO
47quick play 5United  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member7No2019-05-10United  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member
48quick play XIIUnited  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member6No2019-05-03United  lady penelope
49last day of may 2018Israel  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-04-14Poland  danielglowinski
50quick play XIVUnited  ironhorse1974ChessHere Gold Member6No2019-04-07Kazakstan  macxadOFF
51At the vet with two sick dogsIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-04-06Latvia  alexkli
52A new Day brings hopeIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-04-04Bulgaria  erd
53oct 1 2018Israel  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-03-31Italy  carletto
54Novembris 2018Latvia  verns2ChessHere Gold Member10No2019-03-20Philippines  BULLDOZER
55oct 1 2018 openIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-03-17Austria  JohannPaul
56Diuna is feeling much betterIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-03-12Europian  teoretic
57becaleauaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2019-03-07Germany  Brauner
58becaleauaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2019-03-07United  VISIO
59well doneIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2019-03-03France pascal4165 is online pascal4165
60cacabecaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmisChessHere Gold Member10No2019-03-01Poland  danielglowinski
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