Active Tournaments

  Title Organizer Players Thematic Games (finished/total)
1Spring 2021Open!Russian  Practicalgm10No39/90(43%)
2cacateauaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No63/90(70%)
3LieldienasLatvia  AndrishiChessHere Silver Member8No48/56(86%)
4cacabecaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No88/90(98%)
5Falling CastlesUnited  Blackout ShadesChessHere Gold Member6No25/30(83%)
6RJBUnited  dbrunnerChessHere Gold Member10No89/90(99%)
7steleauaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No89/90(99%)
8fecabecaleauuaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No84/90(93%)
9becacacaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No85/90(94%)
10distance chess(14 day)Russian  Practicalgm10No79/90(88%)
11fatima wifeBrazil  web2ChessHere Silver Member6Old Indian, Ukrainian Variation, 4.Nf3
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12Wounded KnightsUnited  Blackout ShadesChessHere Gold Member7No39/42(93%)
13correspondence chessRussian  Practicalgm10No84/90(93%)
14chessbymail tournamentRussian  Practicalgm5No18/20(90%)
15sao pauloBrazil  web2ChessHere Silver Member4English, Three Knights System
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16brazilianBrazil  web2ChessHere Silver Member4King's Indian, Orthodox, Aronin-Taimanov, 9.Ne1
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17gherggheliRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No88/90(98%)
18HANSKSE ON LINE - the sequelBelgium  gunther197310No88/90(98%)
19behehecacaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No83/90(92%)
20RodicaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No77/90(86%)
21MihaelaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No88/90(98%)
22andreeaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No68/90(76%)
23web2Brazil  web2ChessHere Silver Member6Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, 12.h4
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24web2Brazil  web2ChessHere Silver Member3Benoni, Classical, 9...Re8, 10.Nd2
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25RosusinegruRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No81/90(90%)
26CelelaltecuvinteRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No88/90(98%)
27MondialRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No88/90(98%)
28becalicealmauaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No79/90(88%)
29flecareauaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No76/90(84%)
30fecaleauaRomania florin helmis is online florin helmis10No84/90(93%)
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