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# Title Organizer Players Thematic Finished at Winner
181The ShowUnited  dbrunnerChessHere Gold Member10No2017-04-26Iceland  Magnolia
182idit22Israel tidi is online tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2017-04-21Russian  Barmaley
183MMM CupEuropian  Mircea875No2017-04-21Austria  HannesPaul
184bacauRomania  helmisflorin10No2017-04-21United  aarongreen
185Scotch game tourneyUnited tomasp is online tomaspChessHere Gold Member7Scotch Game
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2017-04-20Ukraine  jevaisbien
186januaryUnited  dmm891ChessHere Gold Member7No2017-04-16Bulgaria  Sevin
187Ugunigais gailisLatvia  AndrishiChessHere Gold Member8No2017-04-14Macedonia  Spider07
188Janvaris 2017Latvia  verns2ChessHere Gold Member10No2017-04-08Honduras  donpeon
189brailaRomania  helmisflorin10No2017-04-08United  aarongreen
190idit16Israel tidi is online tidiChessHere Gold Member7No2017-04-05Croatia  duhek
191Litauen4Lithuania  vaidotoz3No2017-04-05Lithuania  vaidotoz
192idit14Israel tidi is online tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2017-03-25Poland  danielglowinski
193Point of no returnRomania  A M10No2017-03-13Iceland  Magnolia
194buzauRomania  helmisflorin10No2017-03-12Brazil web2 is online web2
195constantaRomania  helmisflorin10No2017-03-11Netherlands  jaap
196Chess for Friends IVGermany  MaRe016No2017-03-08Romania  helmisflorin
197calarasiRomania  helmisflorin10No2017-03-06Canada  Zuhfee
198Litauen 3Lithuania  vaidotoz10No2017-03-03Lithuania  vaidotoz
199botosaniRomania  helmisflorin10No2017-02-28Europian  teoretic
200puleteRomania  helmisflorin10No2017-02-26Canada  Zuhfee
201December2016United tomasp is online tomaspChessHere Gold Member6No2017-02-26Bulgaria  erd
202craiovaRomania  helmisflorin10No2017-02-24Bulgaria  plamb
203SeptembertourneyUnited tomasp is online tomaspChessHere Gold Member8No2017-02-23Egypt  egy watermelon
204doughUnited  dbrunnerChessHere Gold Member10No2017-02-20Iran  reza34861
205ZvaigzneLatvia  AndrishiChessHere Gold Member8No2017-02-20Latvia  AndrishiChessHere Gold Member
206Chess for Friends IIIGermany  MaRe016No2017-02-19Brazil  edinei
207Dermans Sicilian CXIXThailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member10Sicilian
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2017-02-12Spain  churrasca
208Twisted FateUnited  Vicious Pete10No2017-02-10United  Vicious Pete
209Novembris 2016Latvia  verns2ChessHere Gold Member10No2017-02-09England  Matt362
210Chess is love 23Iran  gold_man10No2017-02-04Hungary  Atis
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