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Chess-related questions

Q: There's a bug in the game - the enemy pawn advanced to the last row and then a second black queen appeared!
A: That is a promotion; a pawn will be promoted to queen (or other piece) if it reaches the last rank. Please consult the official chess rules for details.

Q: There is a bug in the game. I just moved my pawn two squares and then it disappeared!
A: Most likely you were the victim of an en-passant take. Don't feel too bad, it's a rather obscure move. Please consult the official chess rules for details.

Q: Why can't I castle? How do I castle?
A: To castle, you move the king to the desired position - if castling is available; the rook will be moved automatically. Castling is not possible if - the king or the rook has moved; or if the king is in check; or if one of the squares the king must travel is controlled by an enemy piece.

Q: Your chess engine is too hard! Help!
A: Try playing on Novice. If you download the standalone version, you have access to some help tools that will help you make better moves.

Q: I want to play the game without opening the browser, like a normal program; is that possible?
A: Yes. ChessHere Training Software is available as a standalone application.

Q: What platforms does ChessHere Training Software work on?
A: ChessHere Training Software is available in two flavors:

  • Windows 32bit executable, which will work on any Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
  • Mac OS X version - tested on Intel-based Macs.

Q: Can I take ChessHere Training Software and play on another computer?
A: Yes. The Windows and Mac versions don't require any installer, so you can simply copy the game to a USB (thumb) drive and play the game at work and home. There is no copy-protection mechanism or DRM inside the game.

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