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Chess Puzzles

This page is intended for those who have the standalone version of the game.

Here you find some "interesting game positions" described in a format called FEN, which stands for Forsyth-Edwards Notation.

If you don't know how to import these positions into ChessHere Training Software, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the page

Promote to Knight

By studying databases with millions of played games, one could see that 97% of promotions have been made to Queen. It makes sense, since it's the most powerful piece. Still, are there cases where an 'underpromotion', that is promoting to Rook, Knight or Bishop would be more useful?

World Champion Emanuel Lasker presented a position in which White is in serious trouble, that not even a promotion to Queen would solve.

FEN: 3n2nr/4Pqpp/2k5/8/8/8/2B3PP/6K1 w - - 0 1

Mate in Three

Another interesting puzzle composed by Niels Hoeg in 1905 and featuring promotions: White can mate (win) in three moves. Can you find the right solution?

FEN: 8/R7/4kPP1/3ppp2/3B1P2/1K1P1P2/8/8 w - - 0 1

Mate in Two

White can win in just two moves. Can you find the right ones?

FEN: r1bq2r1/b4pk1/p1pp1p2/1p2pP2/1P2P1PB/3P4/1PPQ2P1/R3K2R w -

Kasparov mates in 3

This position is from Kasparov vs Elmar Magerramov, USSR, 1982. Kasparov checkmated Elmar in 3 moves. Can you do that?

FEN: 3r1r1k/1p3p1p/p2p4/4n1NN/6bQ/1BPq4/P3p1PP/1R5K w - - 0 1


Import Instructions

Note: The Import feature is available only for the standalone version of ChessHere Training Software Please download the game before using it.

1. Start a new game and click on the Edit Board Button

2. Copy the desired FEN string from this page, paste it in the field on the Board Editor and click "Import"

3. Apply Changes

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